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Save with Sunnie

Our Soap Box

We believe that all people should have access to clean, sustainable products, which is why:

💸 We've set out to keep our everyday prices as low as possible.

💸 We offer quarterly pay-what-you-can days to make Sunnie accessible for all.

💸 We offer a discounted soap box subscription so our most loyal customers are rewarded with low prices.

Because when companies and communities work together, we can be a force for good.

Pay-what-you-can days are on the way!

We're committed to making clean, sustainable products accessible to all—not just the wealthy. Because when more people can afford to make sustainable choices, we all win.

We're offering quarterly pay-what-you-can days where our most beloved products are available to anyone at a price of their choosing in limited quantities for a limited time. And if you have the means, you can even pay it forward, adding a little extra to your order to help us subsidize suds for others.